Get Healthy, I Challenge You

Get Healthy, I Challenge You

By Brent Fairbanks

On 12/21/2010

Are you 40ish?
Do you weigh more than 180?
Do you neglect your exercise on a regular basis?

You can answer this quietly so you don't get embarrassed, but you and I both know that you answered yes to all three of these questions.

Are you ready to be a leader in your own home?
Will you be the one who will set the example?

I know that you want to lose the weight. I know that you can lose the weight. I, however, cannot do it for you. You have to come to the decision that you must change. The thought of all that change, your diet and exercise, is more that you can imagine. If this is what you're thinking right now then you have been caught up in the lies about weight management.

Believe it or not you got to where you are by making small changes that added up (the pounds) over time. You can use the same technique to get rid of the weight and get healthy.

I did it and so can you, with just a little patience. Get started with my "Myths of Weight Loss" book today. See if you have been caught up in many of the other myths of weight loss.

To your happines, health, and wealth,

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