Drinking Water to lose weight

Drinking Water to lose weight

By Brent Fairbanks

On 2/13/2011

You know that you want to lose weight. You see all of those tempting ads on TV for weight loss calling your name. Actually what you are looking for is a product that you can take easily, doesn't taste nasty, is very inexpensive, and works wonders for weight loss and overall health, and doesn't make your body hurt when you use it.

Does such a product exist? Is it hiding in some secret lab in the Nevada desert? Is it just waiting for approval from the FDA? Surely with all of the technology and information that we have at our disposal this magic product cannot be too far away. Can it?

When it comes to weight loss, and health in general, a consistent approach is what will give you the results that you are looking for. Instead of looking for some new product why not try a product that has proven results over time. Since this product is very available and affordable wouldn't it make sense to see if you can follow through with something that's basically free before you decide to invest?

If you can see the financial wisdom in this then perhaps you might want to see the health wisdom in this approach. The magic product that I am referring to is water. Water is one of the most overlooked health products in existance today. We are comprised primarily of water and the regular replacement of this fluid works wonders for human health.

Start your weight loss program by seeing if you can drink enough water for a month. I know you want to start with exercise, those 60 and 90 day exercise programs look so promising don't they? If you cannot drink enough water without the exercise, then adding exercise to an already dehydrated body will be counter productive! Your eventual goal would be to drink half your weight in ounces of water, so if you weigh 200 pounds you would have a goal of 100 ounces of water - per day (without the exercise)! Many people have found that this one simple change is all that they needed to get their weight under control, it is the first step that anyone interested in improving their health should undertake.

To learn more about this see my weight loss myths book, it's free - lose the weight not your money.

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