How old do I look

How old do I look

By Brent Fairbanks

On 5/15/2011

Age is a funny thing to people in general. Wherever you are chronologically there is a mental quest to be at some other place in your life. Think about it, when you were young (5 to 16) the quest for the advancement of your age was all consuming. No matter what age you were, it was the older kids that got what you wanted. On and on it goes only slowing down once we hit our early 20's (like 21).

Once we have arrived at this point we seem to feel a sense of contentment with the place in our life. This is however a short lived stage of contentment. Once the age of 30 comes along we realize that the youth of the 20's is gone and we just begin to evaluate our place in life. You are looking at your status, you want the joy and freedom of your 20's but desire a bit more respect for having put up with life this long.

From this point you continue to see yourself as you were in your prime but now you are 40 and you realize that things are changing for you. The spring in your step only happens on the weekends and something else has started creeping in. Well it hasn't just started creeping in, it's been doing that for about 10 to 20 years now, you just haven't been paying attention to it.

What is it that has been creeping up on you? Has it been your weight? When you were 18 to 24 your weight was right where you wanted it to be and any time it was off a bit you could skip 1 meal or do 1 activity and you would be right back where you wanted to be, weight wise. Each year your weight has slowly and steadily gone up by just a pound or two. This amount of change is barely enough to even notice until you have stacked a bunch of years together.

Now that you are around 45, plus or minus a few, those years add up to enough weight added that you look old. Why, because we mentally equate size with age. We think of older people being larger, that's just the facts.

So what can you do? If you are at a proper weight and in shape your looks will deceive your true chronological age. This is your assignment for this post. Pay careful attention to those around you, especially if you belong to a group of people who are all about the same age. Look at them carefully. Pay attention to who looks their age, who looks older, and who looks younger. See if you agree that when a person is healthy and in shape their look defies their age.

If you are interested in improving your look by getting healthy and losing weight get a copy of my 'weight loss myths' book.

Thanks for listening, leave me a comment.

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