Eliminate Mature Male Maternity Look

Eliminate Mature Male Maternity Look

By Brent Fairbanks

On 1/15/2011

Here is the mid month lecture on losing weight and getting healthy. I was out shopping the other day and was going into several stores. I needed to get some ink for my printer, some things at the local mall, decided to get lunch, and pick up a refill of one of MY medications. While out shopping I was looking around at the men in each of the stops that I made. I noticed so many guys that looked very successful, they were well kept and dressed nicely, but they looked like they were - pregnant!

I cautiously got a few pictures of the situation to help illustrate this point. Please, in no way am I interested in making someone else look bad. I hope that I have obliterated all distinguishing features from these individuals. I do not believe that we understand the depth and seriousness of the issue. I hope that these images will help you to evaluate yourself and decide if you need to begin making a change. The most thing you can do is identify the problem and to take is the first step.

overweight man shoppingWhile shopping for printer ink and to get a few year end supplies I came across this gentleman. He looked like a business owner or some type of professional.

This is how I looked just a few years ago, when I was this heavy I wasn't even able to tie my shoes by myself. I had to take several deep breaths and then hold my breath while I was trying to tie my shoes

This is how you look when you are successful just before the heart attack.

overweight man shoppingThis is a much better example of the male paunch. Notice that he has to purchase larger shorts and shirt to contain that belly. The worst part of this is that you THINK that you are just fine. If this is how you look and have for the last decade (or more) then there is a very good chance that there are fatty deposits in your ateries as well. You might be doing just fine right now but your odds are not very good that you will stay "just fine."

This also puts excessive pressure on your joints and over time will make walking difficult or impossible. See the next poor guy.

debilitated overweight manAfter many years of ignoring your weight, the mechanical pressure will cause your joints to start failing. This guy now gets to lead a life of hauling that "walking thing" around with him everywhere he goes. He had a difficult time breathing as he labored through the store and the instant he got to what he was looking for on the store aisle he immedialtly needed to sit down. Once you have allowed this much degradation to take place it is very difficult to arrest further degradation. Reversal of this type of problem is not very likely. Would you rather start losing the weight and getting healthy now, or wish that you had years from now?

men fatter than pregnant womanThe last parting picture from the office supply store is absolutely incredible, I don't think I could have made my point any better if I had staged this picture. The cashier was a lovely woman who really was pregnant. The three guys in here line actually had bigger bellies than she did.

overweight guy at lunchThe next stop on the way was lunch for a footlong on omega bread. When I looked at this guy I would guess that he was in his late 20's or early 30's. This man was dressed very nicely and he carried himself very professionally. He reminded me of a technical person.

This is the age when you can more effectively do something about the weight problem.

He could also choose my path and ignore the problem and wait for the "big one".

mature male materity lookThis next gentleman in line looked to be in his 40's. This is the time when all that bad stuff you have been eating starts to reach critical mass.

This guy was driving a very nice car and carried himself like a very successful business man, prominently displaying his mature male maternity look.

I hope that this man doesn't have to go through the same pains that I did.

embarrased overweight maleThis gentleman came in and immediately started looking around.

He kept placing his hands over his belly as though he knew, maybe he saw me looking at him, he seemed insecure about himself.

He was probably the oldest guy in there (except for me). This was the first guy that I had come across that acted embarrassed by his physique, he kept hiding his belly with his arms and hands.

proud overweight male shopperThe next stop was to a local warehouse type store, you know the place where you shop and there's lots of samples. Here is Mr. Sampler who picked up the entire tray of samples and walked away then turned, walked back and placed the tray back. He then eagerly enjoyed several samples of cheese. He was bold and seemed like a life of the party kinda guy, good natured jokester. He certainly doesn't need to lose as much as I did but he is well on the way. (I am being secretive about the name of this place. It seems that while I was undercover, on this whole belly cover up situation, an employee busted me. She demanded that I explain why I was taking pictures in the store. She said that pictures are against store policy and put my cellphone camera away. This store employee missed the health code violation (customer taking away the samples) but was hot on the photographic industrial espionage. You have now been warned. Do not use your cellphone, or those cool new apps that let you take a picture and get product info. This will get you ejected from XXXXXX!)

proud overweight male shopperI was unable to resist this man's proud display of his man blubber. While it is probably physically unappealing to the women I am more concerned about his health.

He did have what seemed like a very carefree demeanor about him. Being able to laugh and be relaxed will go a long way with health issues but it cannot overcome everything.

If he is not careful his chances are not good.

overweight male shopping for high sugar cerealHere we have the super high sugar cereal aisle. This man was proudly displaying his man belly while deciding what to help further the expansion.

I desperately wanted to tell him to look right on the other side was the high fiber offerings.

I kept quiet as he walked past, the thought that you can change someone else is a weight loss myth.

overweight man at the mallThe last stop of the afternoon was a trip to the local mall. While there I saw this guy at the counter.

What struck me was just how much he needed to lean back (look at him) to counter balance his belly.

This poor guy is not only on the road to heart disease but he has got to be dealing with back pain as well.

I didn't have to look very long or hard to find lots of examples. Unfortunately I see hundreds of examples a day. Can you see the problem right in front of us? Maybe we do see the problem and are afraid to get started, or don't know how to get started.

Please check yourself in the mirror today. Does your shirt drape over your belly? If it does, then you have the mature male maternity look. Contact me and I can show you how to get started, in just a few minutes a day you can change (save?) your life.

Thanks for listening,
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