Medical ID card

Medical ID card

By Brent Fairbanks

On 3/13/2011

I recently went in for my regular echo stress test. This is a test where they do an ultrasound image of your heart while at rest then they get your heart rate way up and check your heart images again. They compare the two to see that things are still functioning properly while under stress. During the interview with the doctor he asked what medications I was taking. As I told him he asked if I had this information written down. I said no that I knew all of the medications and supplements that I was taking. He sternly turned to me and said that it was very important to keep a list of my medicaitons on my person at all times. He said that in an emergency I might not be able to communicate with people about my condition.

I thought about this and started thinking of ways to record and keep this information. I have been involved in high technology since before it was called such. Everything that I own needs to interface with a computer. I own way too many computers. I had my entire house rewired to support computers. My bicycle connects to a computer. I scuba dive with a computer, that connects to a computer to download dive data. I love high tech! I am also a process and efficiency expert, and as such I find myself having to put my love of technology aside when it doesn't enhance a situation. One of the realities of human beings it that emergency situations do not need to be complicated any more than they are.

The most common solution for this information is a piece of paper in the wallet. This works until you sweat a bit and the paper the information is printed on decomposes. I have seen plastic coated paper to eliminate this problem, but you write your information in by hand. In an emergency will someone else be able to read your writing? I though about the medical information computer sticks that will hold your entire medical history. These are great for archives of all your information but have a lot of limitations. Will the person rendering aid be able to read the electronic information? Will there be machine available to read the information? Will the system you select be supported by the emergency facility you are sent to? Will the information be available if the device gets wet? Gets blood on it? Is smashed? Is hit with an electromagnetic pulse (say a defibrillator)?

In an emergency, the low tech solution is far superior to the high tech solution. Print your information on a plastic card that will not be damaged; by heat, water, blood, emergency personell performing their duties, dust, dirt, etc. This can be read by anyone, anywhere, anytime! In an emergency time is precious and there is enough confusion.

When you know what it takes to get the job done and nobody has it yet you go out and create the solution yourself, so I did. Get your Medical ID Card today. The life you save may be your own.

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Thanks for listening, leave me a comment.

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