Does gastric bypass work

Does gastric bypass work

By Brent Fairbanks

On 5/29/2011

When humans get to a point of desperation we are willing to do some of the most amazing as well as the craziest of things. Desperation is something that keeps us from thinking clearly. We feel like a giant weight is pressing down on us and the most important thing is to get out from under that weight. It doesn't make a difference how skillfully or well planned out our action is, we just want to get out from this thing that is causing us discomfort. This is the problem with weight loss. We will continue struggling with our weight problem until something triggers that feeling of desperation. Maybe it was a doctor visit and a stern health warning. Maybe you have become completely fed up with your size or ability to move. Whatever the trigger is, once it fires off we will do things that may not be the best choice.

The weight is just a symptom, not the actual problem. What is the problem? There are several possibilities, two of the most noteworthy are physical and mental. You could have a physical ailment that prevents you from properly metabolizing food, this is possible but not the likely cause. The more likely cause of being overweight is mental. This whole mental issue can be broken down into several subcategories as well.

A few of these categories are denial of the problem, consumption to compensate for lack elsewhere, and eating foods that are bad for you. Bad foods is a simple matter of education and cooperation on your part. Denial is also a matter of education but there is an additional mental roadblock to overcome. Consumption for compensation is a symptom of a deeper psycological issue and needs to be dealt with at that level. No amount of diet and or exercise is strong enough to overcome your emotions.

Will gastric bypass work? That depends on what you are expecting from this type of surgury. If this is what it takes for you to overcome your mental hurdle then it will work. If you are expecting this to heal a deep emotional scar then it is most likely that gastric bypass will not work for you. This type of surgery is not magic, it forces you to stick to a very extreme alteration in your food consumption. Gastric bypass surgery does not alter the nature of the human body to adapt. Even with a significant amount of your stomach removed and a drastic shortening of the small intestine you can adapt. You can force your body to adjust to this new situation and continue on your path to weigh gain.

Be mindful of what truly is your issue, is it a simpe matter of not realizing just how much you are eating? Or, are you eating because you do not feel worthy of love, respect, are stressed, dealing with a relationship? Whatever it is for you, fix the problem, don't waste time on the symptom.

If you are having health issues, I encourage you to learn what it is that you are dealing with. No matter WHAT anyone tells you, caloric restriction is THE only way to lose weight. Gastric bypass is a way to surgically encourage caloric restriction and can be defeated with effort. To learn more about weight loss get a copy of my 'weight loss myths' book.

Thanks for listening, leave me a comment.

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