How do I lose weight after a heart attack

How do I lose weight after a heart attack

By Brent Fairbanks

On 4/10/2011

Have you just experienced a heart attack? Has your doctor instructed you to lose weight? I know how I felt right after my heart attack. I was convinced that my life would now be horrid. I was sure that the only thing I would be allowed to eat was lawn clippings. I was never going to be able to participate in activities. I was only 47 and my life was now over, or so I thought.

I have read many detailed descriptions of what happens when you have a heart attack. None of them explain the mental frustrations that you (at least I did) go through. If you want to get through this you need to be clear on one very important point. Your body has just experienced an incredibly traumatic event. You may not think that this is the case, there are not a lot of outward signs. Trust your doctor on this, you are now different and you must change; well, you don't have to change but if you don't the next heart attack will be in just a few years. The next heart attack might just kill you.

When starting out you need to take things very slowly. I started out by walking out the front door and to the end of my driveway. Each day I would add an additional 20 steps to my walk. I walked at a very slow pace at first and gradually increased my speed. This seems like an intolerably slow pace at first. You will find that you are progressing by 100 steps a week at this pace. By the end of 3 months I was over 1500 steps a day. By month 5 I was walking over a mile a day.

Your heart has been damaged and you need to rehabilitate the heart muscle but you need to do it very slowly and carefully. Follow your doctor's advice about how much activity you can handle, go slow and be consistent. Doing a little each day is far more beneficial than doing an entire week's workout on the weekend, those days are gone forever.

Small steps over time add up to a big change, that is how you effortlessly got out of shape. This is also how you will effortlessly get yourself back into better health. This plan will have you losing weight, strengthening your heart, muscles, and regaining your health. If you like the sound of this the you'll love my 'weight loss myths' book.

Thanks for listening, leave me a comment.

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