What is the best exercise to lose weight

What is the best exercise to lose weight

By Brent Fairbanks

On 5/1/2011

Good question, my friend. There are so many choices that one has a difficult time narrowing the list down to what to choose from. We are bombarded with exercise gadgets on the televison. There are the sporting goods stores and the plethora of items that will finally make exercise fun. Some even look so high tech that I swear that I am losing weight just looking at them. Really! When selecting the right piece of equipment for your situation you need to decide what you like to do, get the equipment you need, and stick with it.

The first thing that you need to decide is what you like to do. This sounds deceptively simple. This step is one of the first and most important aspects of your exercise plan. This step is also the one step that is likely to take you the longest to accomplish. This is where you will try an activity and see if you can consistently work the activity that you have selected. Are you able to say to yourself "I could do this for the rest of my life?" If not, you may want to try another activity until you feel like you've come to that point. You may decide that a particular activity is chosen because it is the least objectionable. Whatever the reason is ok, you just have to be willing to stick with it. This is where joining a gym or health spa can work to your advantage. They have a large variety of equipment and methods that you can "try" until you settle on the one that's "you." Take your time with this step, you might want to give yourself more than three sessions to see if you can stick with something. Try the elliptical machine for a couple of weeks then switch to the treadmill. After you have done both of those move on to the bicycle, then the stairstepper. You might like weight lifting or swimming. I found that I like doing several exercises but that walking is what I would be able to do every single day. I also enjoy bicycle riding and do that regularly but, I can always go for a walk.

So many of us like to "do it backwards" when it comes to fitness equipment. We are absolutely convinced that we need to go out to the sporting goods store "first." In our procrastination we decide that "If I'm walking, I need to get equipped" and we head for the shoe department. While in the shoe department I spend a half an hour deciding which shoes are the coolest. I then spend an hour with the sales person trying on three sizes of four different styles. I finally decide on the pair of shoes that I want when the sales person suggests that I get some "good" athletic socks to go with my new shoes. I now spend another 45 minutes at the sock rack selecting five pairs of the latest "super absorbent", high tech fabric, lighter than air socks. Half way through my sock excursion it becomes clear to me that fabric has really changed since I was in school. I had really better get a new exercise outfit to go with the new shoes and socks. So, after adding my socks to the bundle I go over and check out the "walking outfits." This only takes a half an hour because they (the sporting goods store) are having a sale on walking outfits and the selection is dismal, but hey, I found one I like AND it was on SALE! Including travel time I'm now into this excursion about 5 hours, three hundred dollars, and except for walking a hole in the carpet at the store I don't even know if I like walking yet! I am however exhausted and feel the need to go out for a good hearty lunch. When it comes to walking you do not need anything special. Try it first for a month, if you stick with it then buy a new pair of shoes. The second month reward yourself with a new outfit. Reward AFTER accomplishment, not before.

Once you have selected the activity you will stick with you need to keep it interesting and challenging. After walking for an entire year I chose to add to my walking workout by using a machine. I chose a treadmill for this because walking was the activity I was willing to "ALWAYS" do. Once I purchased the machine I was able to maintain my workouts even in bad weather. I was also able to add incline (resistance) to my walking and I was able to walk in the evening when I needed to. From this point I began to add hand weights to my walk, this added strength training to my walk. Now I was doing two workouts (cardio and strength) at one time. Just think though, if I had purchased all the gear first and let it sit I would just have another reminder of my failed attempt to get healthy. Find the activity first, learn to love it, continue to treat yourself to new things after you have stuck with your plan.

What I am hoping that you learned here is that any one specific activity is not nearly as important as the fact that SOME activity is performed and done on a regular (several times a week) basis. The first step is to find what you like or will always do. After you have decided on your activity AND are regularly performing this activity, reward yourself with equipment to assist you. To keep your interest and progression, continue to add to your workout in some way. I challenge you to start your exercise program in your own home. To get started today get a copy of my 'weight loss myths' book.

Thanks for listening, leave me a comment.

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