Men, are you feeling tired?

Men, are you feeling tired?

By Brent Fairbanks

On 1/22/2011

Ever feel like trading yourself in for a new model?

Some of us take more care of our cars or computers than ourselves. The slightest knock sends us to the dealer. The slightest glitch has us phoning the computer expert.

Doesn't it seem to be common sense to give the same care to our most precious possession of all - our bodies?

Autos, computer systems can be traded in. But you can't trade yourself in for a newer model. You can't buy a new brain, heart, or bones.

Before you say "Fred should read this," STOP! This message is for YOU! You may be guilty of the same symptoms you see in others.

Often the "knock" you develop - sleeplessness, irritability, joint pain - may be corrected as simply as turing a screw.

Your doctor would tell you that, for some people, one of the worst offenders against the delicate bodily systems is the constant overconsuming of calories that make you too heavy.

The use of too many calories day after day may will make you heavy, tired, and will be hard to get around. However, if you are addicted to this habit, here's what you can do.

Switch from eating too many calories to eating much less. Calorie heavy drinks are one of the fastest ways to cut back. Switch your calorie laden beverage to water.

There isn't a chance of cellular stretching, a sleepless hour or any joint pain because it doesn't have a speck of calories in it.

And now you can enjoy water two ways...try water straight from the tap or filtered water, with a distinctive flavor all its own.

You owe it to yourself and your family to try one of these delicious, calorie free drinks for 30 days. Then, if you don't feel better...act better...look better...we'll refund your money (not really, but you will feel better)!

Just send in your name and email address HERE. Offer expires, so hurry start your 30 day trial now!

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