Where is my hero

Where is my hero

By Brent Fairbanks

On 3/6/2011

I just watched a TV show called "I used to be fat." In this episode the person featured on the show was about to go to college and wanted to lose weight. She had this perception that because of her weight she would not be able to date or get married. This was particularly concerning to her because marriage was a fundamental component to her family's moral beliefs. The program showed her as she was reminiscing the pictures of her sisters and their wedding photos. This girl was obviously very affected by her situation. She was emotionally distraught and it showed.

She was going to have 99 days of intensive rehabilitation to get her into shape before college. This was going to be a household food makeover and hours of workout a day. I normally enjoy watching this type of show. The featured person starts off by coming to terms with what their food choices are and just how out of shape they had become. This girl was 19 years old! She had not been around long enough to have to "come to terms" with a life of health choice mistakes.

The show continued along featuring this girls home life and her family. Most of the shows like this will feature the persons support system and the environment that they live in. This is the point that got my blood boiling. They showed this girls father and the way that he spoke to her. He was telling her that if she didn't lose weight nobody would love her and she would never get a date or get married. As they zoomed in on "DAD" it was apparent that he had about 50 to 80 pounds himself to lose.

What had obviously gone right over "DAD's" head was the reason that his truely beautiful daughter was experiencing devastation in her life was because she followed HIS loving example. I'm positive that if he had realized what he had done there would have been a different lifestyle in the house. The family was successful, her brothers were lean and fit; They'll wait till they're fathers to let themeselves go. Dad would make comments to his daughter during the show telling her how important the exercise is and how she cannot give up. The comments were always made with "Dad" sitting in the easy chair in front of the TV. She actually got dad to do one workout with her during the show, he was overwhelmed at the difficulty.

The moral of the story is - Your actions affect more than yourself, when others see you not caring enough to make a change it helps them justify not doing anything about themselves. I challenge the men of the nation to be better husbands, fathers, and citizens. It is up to us to set the example for all to follow. Be a hero in your own family, neighborhood, city, state - nobody else is going to do it.

To learn more about this see my weight loss myths book, it's free - lose the weight not your money.

Thanks for listening, leave me a comment.

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